Sunday, December 18, 2011

John Conway's Game of Life HLSL edition

On my Quest to learn HLSL Shader programing i stubeled upon a blog where some one built an implementation of John Conway's game of life using compute shaders after looking up the rules i though about tryingto build one using pixel shader.

here is the result running 1024*1024 at 449 iteration per seconds( i might even be able to get a few more out of it)

in my edition the dead cells leave a corps behind that slowly fade
the color tel wich rule killed them.

it runs on pixel shader 2.0 directx 9 while my hardware run shader model 4.1 i generaly build for the lowest possible hardware.

randoom cells can spawn from just about any type of image but if you wanna try to manualy build a cell you will need to edit a file pixel per pixel and the file will need to be exactly 1024*1024
So here is the download link

this version currently require that you install microsoft visual C++ redistribuable
here are the links for the download provided by microsoft

for windows x86

for windows x64

i'm currently working on an update version with some other function and that would include the c++ redist to instal them without any intervention from the user